Initial Physical Assessment

All DNA Athletes start with an initial physical assessment to determine strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. We use previous injury history, biomechanics tests, movement pattern screening and functional strength tests to assess each athlete. We build your program based on your assessment data. Our goal is to build a stronger, more efficient, more explosive and less injury prone athlete through data analysis and program development.

Diet & Nutrition

DNA Athletes start with an initial meal diary assessment. From there we make incremental changes based on limiting factors for each individual. Limiting factors can be (but not exclusive to); dietary restriction, food allergies, budget, time management and schedule. Our philosophy is to educate the athlete on portion size, macronutrient content (protein, fats and carbs) and what a plate should look like for their body type and goals. We believe diet should be simple, easy to follow and sustainable long term.

Professional          College (NCAA/CIS)          High School          Public School         



Professional athlete programs are design for elite level athletes and elite level results. Each pro athlete has specific needs and knows what needs to be addressed in the offseason. Drawing on feedback from the athlete in conjunction with our testing and assessment protocol we find the best balance between performance, recovery and injury prevention for each sport specific athlete.


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College (NCAA/CIS)


Collegiate programs are designed for one thing only, performance on the field of play. We focus on strength, power, explosiveness and nutrition in a cohesive package second to none. Our focus is on the big lifts that promote big results; squat, deadlift, clean, snatch, push jerk, overhead press, bench press and pull ups are at the core of all strength programs for collegiate athletes. With athletes of this level injury prevention is a large part in what we do at DNAfitness. Although athletes lift big the smaller muscles are not forgotten as they are the mainstay of proper recovery, flexibility and preventing injuries.


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High School


High school programs are designed with many similarities as pro programs. Accountability is a high priority at DNAfitness with young athletes which we believe is the foundation of all future pro’s. At this level a large focus is a solid strength base, unilateral equilibrium (making both sides of the body the same strength), proper posture, core strengthening, fundamental and explosive movements. Nutrition plays a large role in any athlete’s development and from day one we focus on proper nutrition for not only sports but for a healthier life style with customized nutrition for every athlete. All these facets are geared towards getting the athlete to the next level ahead of the competition.


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Public School


DNA public school program development is about teaching young athletes; body awareness, core strength, different movement patterns, fundamental nutrition habits and training, in a setting that will prepare them for the next level of sports. Our biggest concern with young athletes is injury prevention. Through program development, each athlete’s strengths and weaknesses are evaluated, treated and trained. Every athlete is only as good as their greatest weakness and young athletes need a solid foundation to complete for years to come.

Our environment at DNA provides a young athlete with a view into what it takes at the next level for them to be successful.


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Athlete Testimonials



    "If you want real results DNAfitness is where you need to be. What sets DNAfitness apart is their focus on all components of athletic training: Performance, Injury Prevention and Nutrition. Before my time at DNA, I simply had raw strength, but the DNA staff was able to transform my strength into athleticism, and thus in-game results. To be an athlete, you need to train like one."

    Adam Piett – Student – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA Fitness has allowed me to not only train as an athlete at a competitive level, but also train to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle outside of sports. The workouts push you mentally and physically, demanding 100% effort. DNA provides a simple and easy to follow meal plan that allowed me to lose body fat and maintain. Travis works with you not only in the gym but outside too when you have questions or concerns, he is always there to help. His knowledge of personal training along with nutrition, body functions, and injury prevention have allowed me to see major results while staying injury free. Travis is willing to put in the time and effort to help his clients succeed."

    Keith Walker – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "Having been with DNA almost since it started (8+ years), I can comfortably say that it has helped me get to where I am today and reach my full potential as an athlete. The knowledge of the training staff combined with their willingness to try cutting edge training techniques at their state of the art facilities makes it the ideal atmosphere. They realize that there’s no one-size-fits-all program and tailor their programs to each individual athletes’ needs. The thing about DNA that makes it different from any other gym I’ve been a part of is being able to workout with other athletes of equal ability and similar goals on a consistent basis who push each other every day to get better. I always recommend DNA to teammates and fellow athletes because I truly believe that it is the ultimate environment for any athlete trying to reach their athletic potential."

    Josh Vandeweerd – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA has provided me with high quality training for 4 years now and I couldn’t be happier with how it has helped shape the athlete I am today as a Divison 1 NCAA Lax (Lacrosse) player. Not only has DNA helped progress me athletically, the effort and precision behind their injury prevention side of things is what has helped me stay at my best year round. DNA is a fantastic environment in which you are consistently surrounded by people who truly push you to become better everyday."

    Dan Lomas – Lax Lacrosse – Burlington, Ontario


    "I worked with DNA primarily to prepare for football and specifically the CFL combine. They helped me maximize my performance with their vast amount of knowledge and expertise. DNA's facility allowed me to fine tune my performance with a combination of combine specific work and strength training all at once."

    Pawel Kruba – Football – Hamilton, Ontario


    "DNA has been great for me and my hockey career. Travis always makes himself available to help me workout around my schedule and make sure my lifts are customized to my individual needs. DNA has helped me get stronger and faster as player and allows me to train with some of the best players in the area."

    Tyler Mayea – Hockey – Burlington, Ontario


    "I've been going to DNA for a little over a year now, and I have not only enjoyed my training but also value what I learn day in and day out. I have noticed major improvements in my athletic ability sine I began to lift at DNA. The trainers provided me with personalized dieting to suit me along with great injury rehab. For example, recently I dislocated my shoulder twice, both times I was given a set workout to rehab and strengthen the shoulder, on top of that I was given a modified leg workout as to not limit my training due to the injury. But far above all, my favorite part about DNA is the atmosphere in the gym, everyone at DNA has similar goals in mind, becoming a better athlete. Because of this training at DNA is not just personal endeavor, but a team effort."

    Jake McLaughlin – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA has taken my athletic potential to the next level. They have helped me achieve both mental and physical health of being an athlete and a football player. They are so much more than your average trainers/gym, they are mentors and an educators who care. Thank you for all my years of injury-free success!"

    Soonbum Cha – Football – Burlington / Ottawa, Ontario


    "I've been personal training with Cory at DNA for 6 months now. I love the program, the intensity and the challenge that the training provides. I've seen a huge difference in my performance on the field and feel much stronger and more explosive. The workouts have increased my flexibility and I believe prevented reoccurrence of my injuries. I've started the 8 week nutrition program and am following the DNA rules that Travis has thoroughly explained. I'm surprised with how simple changes to your diet and routine can create such a big impact on your energy levels and physique. Very happy with the results thus far!"

    Emily Fretts – Rugby – Oakville, Ontario


    "This will be my 4th summer at DNA Fitness. Each summer has prepared me for the new hockey season, along with preparing me for fitness testing in the fall. The coaches are personable and you sit down 1 on 1 to create your goals. Unlike most gyms we have relationships with our trainer as we keep to small groups for better results. Excited to get back in the gym for the summer of 2015 and continue to move forward in my pro hockey career."

    Mark Corbett – Hockey – Oakville, Ontario


    "DNA Fitness has an outstanding facility; with knowledgeable trainers who know how to get the best out of their athletes. They helped me take my strength and conditioning to the next level for football. One-on-one nutrition sessions are filled with tons of healthy living information. Great environment that prepares athletes for higher level sports/fitness goals."

    Addison Olah – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "Being a former high level competitive athlete, and working out at commercial gyms for a couple of years I wanted to find somewhere to train that was more advanced and able to rehabilitate/work around many injuries I had picked up along the way. When I began training at DNA Fitness, I knew I had found the right place. Travis and his team take a personalized, scientific approach to training and were able to tailor customized programs for me that worked around the injuries that had caused me many problems previously. Having said this, the one area where DNA really sets themselves apart is from a nutrition standpoint. I've never experienced a gym that combines both training and nutrition the way DNA does, as I find many high performance gyms, they lack this crucial aspect. I continue to work with Travis to this day, and would recommend DNA to anyone at any level of fitness looking to take their training to the next level."

    Chris Dickenson – Rugby – Oakville, Ontario


    "The DNA fitness 10 week rugby program has been very useful to our Assumption rugby team. DNA coaches began the process exactly where our players needed regardless of experience level; all of us have benefitted from this experience and I believe that thanks to DNA fitness, we will be much more successful in our school season. Even with 6 years of rugby experience, I feel as though I have improved my ball handling throughout the weeks. The fitness aspect of the program has also been greatly beneficial to the team as fitness is a very prominent issue in rugby. Doing this together as a group was the best thing we could have done for the team as we are now all socially acquainted, fit, and we know the game."

    Soara Namae – Rugby – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA fitness is a close group that competes, pushes and helps each other reach their potential. You work out with people that have similar goals to your own, whether that be getting in shape or training for a sport. DNA has helped me to reach my goal of playing CIS football."

    Darius Ciraco – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNAfitness provides top-notch strength and conditioning development for all types of athletes. Their facility provides all the necessary tools to achieve success including the weight room and indoor turf conditioning area. I have had the privilege of training with DNA fitness over the past 9 years for football at every level and can attribute my athletic success to the hard work of Travis, and DNAfitness. If you are serious about achieving your athletic potential then DNAfitness is the place for you."

    Rob Grifiths – Football – Burlington / Ottawa, Ontario