Jeff made the giant leap to come to DNAfitness about six months ago. Jeff struggled with his weight before making changes to better himself physically and mentally. His before after pictures are shocking fat and weight loss proof it can be done. He is one of the hardest workers we have always progressing. His work ethic and transformation is a testament to his dedication and we are proud to have him. Keep working hard and kicking ass Jeff.

  • Dropped 150 pounds

Mark came to us wanting to get into great shape for Rugby season…we had a short period of time to get things right. We sat down like every other client at DNA performed diet. To say Mark took this seriously is an understatement. Mark may have the best food diary we’ve seen at DNA and it goes to show you how going hard in the gym supplements a great nutritional base, hard work, commitment and preparation (see before after pictures!).

  • In 12 Weeks
  • Dropped 35lbs of Fat

“Coming to DNAfitness has been the greatest decision of my life in regards to physical betterment. Travis and Cory have helped me achieve so much and more during my time here and on top of that I have made great friendships. I recommend anyone who is serious about getting in the best shape of their lives to come try it out. It really is science driven results as you can see from my before after pictures.”

  • In 8 Weeks
  • Dropped 2.5lbs of Fat
  • Gained 2.5lbs of Lean Mass

“DNA Fitness is a gym for all ages and fitness levels. Each workout is geared to your individual fitness level and provides a great balance of strength training combined with bursts of cardio.
The classes are small and the trainers ensure we are doing the exercises correctly. The trainers provide great nutrition education, which ensures our results are optimized. I am challenged at every workout to execute better – lift more, push more, pull more – always strive to improve. I’m in the best shape of my life – strong and fit and I feel fantastic at 50!”

  • 50 years young
  • The pictures speak for themselves

“I’ve been a long time DNAfitness client/athlete but didn’t take my diet as serious as I should. I told Travis I was interested in leaning up, getting more fit and feeling better. We started out with a food intolerance test (blood test done at DNA) and went from there. Travis walked me through every aspect of nutrition, supplied me with workouts and ongoing correspondence throughout the process. I didn’t see him for the entire 8 week period other than once to weigh in and once for final weigh in. I think the results speak for themselves.”

  • Dropped 5% in 8 weeks
  • Lost 12 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks

“I started training at DNAfitness when I was 14 as a track athlete (400m). Throughout the years the strength training I had was second to none. My performance on the track progressed each year, going to junior nationals and eventually an NCAA athletic scholarship. I used to feel sluggish, overtrain easily, recover poorly, and bloated. After sitting down with Travis and cutting out foods that irritated me (gluten, dairy to name a few), controlling my nutrient timing (pre, post workout/track) I felt like a million bucks. My bloating virtually disappeared, I leaned up, my performance increased in the gym and on the track, I started sleeping through the night and recovering like I needed to. I can’t imagine going back.”

  • Dropped 5% body fat
  • Lost 8.5 pounds of fat

“I have been around DNAfitness since the beginning. My training has been consistently elite year after year. My nutrition was always good but not great. Being a student and eating well isn’t easy. Travis made it easy, efficient and affordable when I wanted to buckle down and see some really solid before and after results. We went through everything from when to eat, what to eat, how much to eat and my workout program. Believe it or not it isn’t that hard when you follow the “DNA RULES” Travis gives you. He customized my nutrition to suit my lifestyle, schedule and my food intolerances. Make no mistake this is a results oriented program that garners results.”

  • Dropped 3% body fat in 8 weeks
  • Lost 6 pounds of body fat in 8 weeks
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