Initial Assessment & Limiting Factors

DNA personal clients start with an initial physical assessment to determine your strengths, weaknesses and imbalances. We use personal previous injury history, biomechanics testing, movement pattern screening and functional strength tests to assess you. We call this, along with your goals and timelines, your personal limiting factors. We then build your program taking into account your limiting factors as well as your initial assessment data. We work together to put a personal program in place that satisfies your needs as well as addressing areas of concern during our assessment.

Diet & Nutrition

Diet and nutrition are very personalized, therefore must be customized to each client. We start with an initial meal diary assessment and from there we make incremental changes based on limiting factors for each individual. To take this process to the next level we offer (at an additional fee) food intolerance, hormone and mineral testing to customize each personal nutrition plan specific to your needs. This eliminates uncontrolled variables and allows us to dial in nutrition at an extremely high personal level.

Our philosophy is to educate you on portion size, macronutrient content (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and what a plate should look like for your body type. We believe diet should be simple, easy to follow and sustainable long term.


Our personal clients have the ability to 100% customize; training, nutrition, goal setting and scheduling. Whether your a weekend warrior, stay at home mom, business professional, or all the above, we welcome the challenge of getting you into the best shape of your life, meeting your expectations and ultimately reaching your personal goals.

Personal Training


Personal clients have several customizable options including but not limited to;

• Number of training days per week
• Flexible scheduling throughout the day/week
• 100% customized programs
• 100% customized nutrition plan
• Body composition testing (callipers)
• Food intolerance testing (additional fee)
• Hormone saliva testing (additional fee)
• Specific goal setting
• Data tracking for workouts and nutrition


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Personal Client Testimonials



    "If you want real results DNAfitness is where you need to be. What sets DNAfitness apart is their focus on all components of athletic training: Performance, Injury Prevention and Nutrition. Before my time at DNA, I simply had raw strength, but the DNA staff was able to transform my strength into athleticism, and thus in-game results. To be an athlete, you need to train like one."

    Adam Piett – Student – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA Fitness has allowed me to not only train as an athlete at a competitive level, but also train to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle outside of sports. The workouts push you mentally and physically, demanding 100% effort. DNA provides a simple and easy to follow meal plan that allowed me to lose body fat and maintain. Travis works with you not only in the gym but outside too when you have questions or concerns, he is always there to help. His knowledge of personal training along with nutrition, body functions, and injury prevention have allowed me to see major results while staying injury free. Travis is willing to put in the time and effort to help his clients succeed."

    Keith Walker – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "I’ve been a member at DNA for over 2 years. I have tried different gyms (large and small) for years. By far, DNA has the best owner and staff of all. The classes and structure are what keep me going to 4 bootcamp classes & 1 personal training a week…it’s addicting. Classes are challenging and fun and the atmosphere is awesome! Travis has helped me and my youngest son with nutrition and his knowledge is invaluable. My 3 sons have also been members for over 2 years and I have seen great improvements in all levels of their sports. Including baseball, hockey, football, snowboarding, & golf. I wouldn’t have my sons go anywhere else. It is so important for proper instruction, especially at a young age. On top of all that, the gym is always clean and well kept. It’s a great gym with plenty to offer for every level."

    Chrissy Diprospero – Personal Training / Bootcamp – Burlington, Ontario


    "DNA has taken my athletic potential to the next level. They have helped me achieve both mental and physical health of being an athlete and a football player. They are so much more than your average trainers/gym, they are mentors and an educators who care. Thank you for all my years of injury-free success!"

    Soonbum Cha – Football – Burlington / Ottawa, Ontario


    "I've been personal training with Cory at DNA for 6 months now. I love the program, the intensity and the challenge that the training provides. I've seen a huge difference in my performance on the field and feel much stronger and more explosive. The workouts have increased my flexibility and I believe prevented reoccurrence of my injuries. I've started the 8 week nutrition program and am following the DNA rules that Travis has thoroughly explained. I'm surprised with how simple changes to your diet and routine can create such a big impact on your energy levels and physique. Very happy with the results thus far!"

    Emily Fretts – Rugby – Oakville, Ontario


    "Whether you’re an athlete wanting to improve performance or you simply want to improve your physique DNAfitness will get you the results you’re after. I’ve been working with Travis as a trainer on and off for the past 8 years with great results. Whether I wanted to train for a sport, trim down or just maintain he’s always provided me with programs that were results driven and training instruction that ensured proper form and technique. His no non-sense approach is refreshing for those who want the most direct route to achieving their desired results. If you are willing to put in the work and follow some simple guidelines Travis and DNAfitness will get you the results you’re after."

    Adam Zaremba – Pure Industries – Toronto, Ontario


    "With work and school it is very hard for me to get to the gym, never mind get in a good workout to keep in great shape. Travis makes sure that I have a new program that is going to push me to the limit every 4 weeks and I can do it in under an hour at even a home gym. You would think that means it is easy, but nothing Travis gives me is ever easy and I leave the gym stronger each and every visit. With Travis' programs I have been able to continue being active, including playing on two soccer teams, and in amazing shape, even with my crazy schedule. If you are looking for someone who can give you basic bicep curls to do a few times a week, DNA Fitness isn't for you, but if you want to leave the gym feeling it and see results, go talk to Travis."

    Juliana Pinizzotto – Satellite / Online – Toronto, Ontario