Why choose a Satellite Program?

DNA Satellite Online programs offer the ability to receive an elite level program, along with an in depth customized nutrition plan to follow and complete based on your schedule at your own gym. We cater your workout program and nutrition plan specific to your goals and limiting factors. Whether you’re a former athlete, weekend warrior, looking to get in shape for an upcoming vacation or getting ready for a wedding, our satellite online program will cater to your needs.

The Process

STEP 1, Contact us here to see what satellite online program suits you.

STEP 2, Submit via email your 3-5 day meal log along with times and quantities of your food as well as your goals (be as specific as possible), injury history, training experience, the name of your home gym (ie. goodlife, ymca, etc), and level of sport (if any).

STEP 3, We will then email you a DNA nutrition guide for your review as well as your training program.

STEP 4, We then schedule an online / phone consult where we discuss your meal logs, the DNA nutrition guide as well as make positive changes to your diet and discuss your training program in depth.

Satellite Program


Satellite programs include;

• One on one coaching
• Email correspondance
• Complete training program
• Nutrition guide
• Current nutritional assessment
• Food intolerance testing (additional fee)
• Specific goal setting
• Timeline sensitive

Cost starts at $99/month;


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Satellite Client Testimonials



    "DNA Fitness has allowed me to not only train as an athlete at a competitive level, but also train to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle outside of sports. The workouts push you mentally and physically, demanding 100% effort. DNA provides a simple and easy to follow meal plan that allowed me to lose body fat and maintain. Travis works with you not only in the gym but outside too when you have questions or concerns, he is always there to help. His knowledge of personal training along with nutrition, body functions, and injury prevention have allowed me to see major results while staying injury free. Travis is willing to put in the time and effort to help his clients succeed."

    Keith Walker – Football – Burlington, Ontario


    "Whether you’re an athlete wanting to improve performance or you simply want to improve your physique DNAfitness will get you the results you’re after. I’ve been working with Travis as a trainer on and off for the past 8 years with great results. Whether I wanted to train for a sport, trim down or just maintain he’s always provided me with programs that were results driven and training instruction that ensured proper form and technique. His no non-sense approach is refreshing for those who want the most direct route to achieving their desired results. If you are willing to put in the work and follow some simple guidelines Travis and DNAfitness will get you the results you’re after."

    Adam Zaremba – Pure Industries – Toronto, Ontario


    "Being a former high level competitive athlete, and working out at commercial gyms for a couple of years I wanted to find somewhere to train that was more advanced and able to rehabilitate/work around many injuries I had picked up along the way. When I began training at DNA Fitness, I knew I had found the right place. Travis and his team take a personalized, scientific approach to training and were able to tailor customized programs for me that worked around the injuries that had caused me many problems previously. Having said this, the one area where DNA really sets themselves apart is from a nutrition standpoint. I've never experienced a gym that combines both training and nutrition the way DNA does, as I find many high performance gyms, they lack this crucial aspect. I continue to work with Travis to this day, and would recommend DNA to anyone at any level of fitness looking to take their training to the next level."

    Chris Dickenson – Rugby – Oakville, Ontario


    "With work and school it is very hard for me to get to the gym, never mind get in a good workout to keep in great shape. Travis makes sure that I have a new program that is going to push me to the limit every 4 weeks and I can do it in under an hour at even a home gym. You would think that means it is easy, but nothing Travis gives me is ever easy and I leave the gym stronger each and every visit. With Travis' programs I have been able to continue being active, including playing on two soccer teams, and in amazing shape, even with my crazy schedule. If you are looking for someone who can give you basic bicep curls to do a few times a week, DNA Fitness isn't for you, but if you want to leave the gym feeling it and see results, go talk to Travis."

    Juliana Pinizzotto – Satellite / Online – Toronto, Ontario


    "DNAfitness provides top-notch strength and conditioning development for all types of athletes. Their facility provides all the necessary tools to achieve success including the weight room and indoor turf conditioning area. I have had the privilege of training with DNA fitness over the past 9 years for football at every level and can attribute my athletic success to the hard work of Travis, and DNAfitness. If you are serious about achieving your athletic potential then DNAfitness is the place for you."

    Rob Grifiths – Football – Burlington / Ottawa, Ontario