Initial Team Assessment

DNA team training starts with a coaches assessment. First, we sit down with the coaching staff and gather strengths and weaknesses from an on-field/on-ice coaching perspective.

Secondly, the team performs a physical assessment workout where we run them through a battery of tests in the gym as well as a conditioning test on the field. With the coaches input and our physical testing we then develop the first 3-4 weeks of programming.

The assessment is a tool we use to begin workouts and address certain areas. It is NOT a close ended assessment as we are assessing, modifying and adjusting weekly workouts as the program evolves. Just like coaching and athletics we are fluid and adjust accordingly to each athlete regarding injuries or any issues that may arise.

Team Nutrition

Team nutrition is crucial for performance, recovery and injury prevention. DNA covers every aspect of nutrition including; portion control, proper meal timing, pre-game, during-game and post game nutrition.

Team nutrition is performed with parents, coaches and players. Our DNA nutrition guide is handed out which will act as a reference guide for; portion control, what are healthy options of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Meal timing, good and bad choices, cooking temperature guides and much more. Question and answer period closes out the session where the floor is open to dispel myths, clarify talking points and receive for detailed information.



DNA team training addresses coaches concerns, results of initial assessment, areas of weakness and injury prevention which we feel will produce a mentally tougher team and create a winning culture.

Team training includes but is not limited to;
• strength training
• speed development
• power development
• flexibility work
• core development
• conditioning
• injury prevention


Team training inquiry

Team Testimonials



    "The DNA fitness 10 week rugby program has been very useful to our Assumption rugby team. DNA coaches began the process exactly where our players needed regardless of experience level; all of us have benefitted from this experience and I believe that thanks to DNA fitness, we will be much more successful in our school season. Even with 6 years of rugby experience, I feel as though I have improved my ball handling throughout the weeks. The fitness aspect of the program has also been greatly beneficial to the team as fitness is a very prominent issue in rugby. Doing this together as a group was the best thing we could have done for the team as we are now all socially acquainted, fit, and we know the game."

    Soara Namae – Rugby – Burlington, Ontario